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About: My passion is within the realm of 'creating', in my spare and work time I like to involve myself in one of the following: cooking, crafting, art, and designing. This blog displays projects and works I've made in the past and present.


Castaneda/Reiman, Charlie Castaneda and Brody Reiman - Eli Ridgway Gallery

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ponyy-boy-deactivated20140728 asked: then i shall post more just for you! :) <3

awwww yayaaaayayy!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 :3 :3 you’re tooo niceee :D


unbenannt by Redmer Hoekstra on Flickr.


unbenannt by Redmer Hoekstra on Flickr.



Wooden Electronics by Brainbow

All items available at etsy. Brainbow’s wooden jewelry let’s you wear the forgotten electronics of back in time. Camcorders, record players, cameras that don’t have phones included… Neanderthal dudes sure had it tough.

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Home First


Home First

I hate Sansa, not Rickon. Obviously.: this-is-zayramundi replied to your photo: YO! This is the splash page...




this-is-zayramundi replied to your photo: YO! This is the splash page for the Rabbit Caf…

nah dont do hotspots - it feels as if its cheating, thus not learning to code properly which is how i felt during intro =S

why would that be cheating though? It’s still an eample of coding in…

relative position is where you set coordinates to where something is placed right? hotspots feels too old, year 2000s? it reminds me of neopets!

that’s not exactly a bad thing lol

hot spots were totally neopets :3

This blog is dead.

Please follow these instead: (Things I like) (Graphic design) (desserts/cafe) (moon)

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dontdierickon asked: I woke up like JUST NOW, freaked out and am taking a breather and some food :(

omg yeahh.. im so tired I’ve forgotten about food…  omg iris it will be okay you have the whole of tonight…. =\ did you sleep enough? are you coming back to dab or coming in the morning? sigh sigh sigh… what do you have left to do?

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